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Based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Randy Ray manages speaking engagements for a number of first-rate professional speakers with expertise in leadership, business and personal performance, business transformation, mental health, brain injuries, recovery from trauma, social networking, writing and editing, bullying, labour relations and independent publishing.

Randy connects his speakers to a wide variety of audiences, all with the goal of learning from leaders and experts who have impacted small, large and medium sized businesses, trade unions, university and college students, the medical community, sporting organizations, authors, editors and the organizations they work with.

Randy deals directly with the people who engage speakers making it simple to select and engage keynote speakers and workshop presenters. He provides organizations with all the information they need to make informed decisions and put the best speakers in front of their meetings, workshops and conferences. Audio/visual requirements are provided in advance so that all of the costs of hiring these speakers are clear; pre-event consultation between the organizers and the respective speakers is arranged to ensure the speakers are well prepared; publicity photos and ready-to-use introductions are provided well in advance of the events.

Speakers represented by Randy Ray are experts in the following areas:

  • personal and business performance
  • building high performance leaders and companies
  • social networking
  • online marketing
  • mental health
  • brain and spinal injuries
  • recovering from trauma
  • corporate social responsibility
  • near death experiences
  • concussions
  • humour
  • life as a professional athlete
  • travel
  • financial planning
  • women and money
  • Canadian history
  • bullying
  • labour relations
  • workplace harassment
  • personal and workplace motivation
  • indie publishing
  • editing
  • vampire fiction
  • poetry writing
  • memoir writing
  • book and business promotion
  • coping skills
  • wealth legacy planning
  • philanthropy
  • parenting
  • family relationships
  • children and the Internet
  • kiddy temper tantrums

Professional Speakers

Click on the names below for a brief bio of each speaker. Complete bios are available on their websites.

Doug Smith

Doug SmithDoug Smith is a former National Hockey League player who recovered from a career-ending on-ice accident to become an expert on business and personal performance. With the same energy and passion he put into his professional hockey career, Doug opens the minds of audience members and reveals his eight principles of high performance. His message is built for any person or any organization that wants to be healthier, happier and more prosperous. During his keynote and workshop presentations he reinforces his messages by weaving in stories about his hockey and business careers. His audiences have included private and public companies, elementary, secondary and university students, educators, health care groups, sports teams and charities. Doug, who was paralyzed after his accident, has founded a manufacturing company, worked as an Internet executive and written three books and can also discuss brain injuries, concussions and bullying. He is a national spokesperson for the Brain Injury Association of Canada. Doug was a #2 NHL draft pick and is a former member of the Vancouver Canucks, Edmonton Oilers, Pittsburgh Penguins, Buffalo Sabres and Los Angeles Kings.

Web site: www.dougsmithperformance.com

Fee: $5,500 + expenses

Natalia McPhedran

Natalia Mcphedran Natalia McPhedran of Ottawa is a Child Empowerment Coach, author of Life With Kids (Empowering Our Children To Be Ready For The Real World), and mother of children aged 11 and 12. She delivers presentations to school parenting groups and parents to share her various coaching strategies on how to connect with kids to gain their cooperation and let go of controlling them. Her transparence and use of witty anecdotes disclose the realities of parenting in the digital age.

Natalia's presentations include a 45-minute Keynote: How to Raise Respectful Children and a Two-hour Workshop: Parents, Children & Technology.

Web site: www.nataliacoachingyou.ca

Fee: $300 for a keynote + expenses; $500 for a workshop

Mike Santoro

Mike SantoroMike Santoro has suffered from mental illness since the age of 14 but has developed a strategy that enables him to live a normal but challenging life. His presentations and keynotes explain his 80/20 strategy, which sees him rely 80 per cent on his own efforts and 20 per cent on medication to stay healthy and working. Mike, who lives in Montreal, has co-produced The 80/20 Project video, which explains his life and his strategy. He presents to companies, mental health organizations, trade unions, students and health care workers. His key message is that despite suffering from mental illness, it is possible to live a normal but challenging life. He explains how to recognize signs of mental illness, how to seek help and how to beat back the many challenges the illness poses, including living with the stigma attached to mental illness.

Web site: www.MikesStory.com

Fee: Please contact Randy Ray

Patricia McCarthy

Patricia McCarthyPatricia McCarthy is an indie publishing dynamo whose knowledge of the business has been honed over the past fifteen years. During, workshops and keynotes, the Ottawa-based author of five vampire erotica novels explores indie publishing and provides tips and advice that will serve as a springboard for anyone writing and publishing a book on their own. Patricia delves into the essentials of developing an author identity and website, the editing process, use of digital printing companies versus print on demand publishers, use of on-line shopping carts, setting up eBooks, selling books via chains and independent outlets, the best ways to promote a book pre and post book launch and how to build a community profile. Known as Ottawa's "fang queen," Patricia's Crimson series of vampire novels tells the unconventional love story of Samuel and Magdalene Crimson, a pair of vampires who live in Ottawa. Part blood bath and part bubble bath, her writing teases readers to make it to the end of each chapter alive. She was riding the vampire wave before there was one, which accounts for her flirtation with the dark art of satire.

Web site: www.patriciaKmccarthy.com

Fee: $500 to $1,000 + expenses

Jon Peirce

Jon PeirceJon Peirce is a Dartmouth-based freelance writer, editor, and mentor to other writers. His full and half-day writing-related workshops provide guidance on writing memoirs, essay-writing, introductory and advanced editing, and poetry writing. His workshops on labour-relations-related topics include sessions on public sector labour relations, harassment, and the history of the labour movement. He has M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in English from Dalhousie University and a Master of Industrial Relations from Queen's University. He has worked as a professor of English and industrial relations, as a newspaper reporter and editor, and as a union labour relations officer. He is the author of Canadian Industrial Relations (now in its third edition), and his articles have appeared in The Globe & Mail, Toronto Star, Ottawa Citizen, Christian Science Monitor, Winnipeg Free Press, Kingston Whig-Standard, and Books in Canada. His poetry has been published in Dalhousie Review, Bywords.ca, and Contact Quarterly and has been read on CBC Radio.

Web site: www.jonpeirce.ca

Fee: Workshops: $500 to $1,000 per day; $300 to $550 per half-day + expenses. Rates for shorter speaking engagements are negotiable.

Caroline Risi

Caroline RisiCaroline Risi is an entrepreneur and social networking expert based in Ottawa. Her book ``1, 2, 3 A Social Media Guide'' was published in December 2012. Caroline's keynotes and workshop presentations explain in plain language the need for companies and entrepreneurs to make effective use of social networking, including how to get up and running on Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and other social networking vehicles. Caroline is the Founder and CEO of Media Mavericks, a full service media company, and www.thetop10.ca, a fast-growing interactive web directory. With extensive experience in traditional and online marketing, she brings a consumer's perspective and strategic plan to online marketing management and social marketing.

Web sites: www.mediamaverix.ca and www.thetop10.ca

Fee: $1,000 - $1,500 + expenses.

Barbara Florio Graham

Barbara Florio GrahamBarbara Florio Graham is a Gatineau, Quebec, author, freelance writer and publishing consultant who has won awards for fiction, non-fiction, humor and poetry, and has written for magazines and newspapers across North America. She offers two after-lunch/after-dinner presentations. My Cat Capsized My Career is a humorous 45 to 60-minute talk about how Simon Teakettle, an ordinary black cat she adopted in 1972 became famous by being mentioned on many CBC radio programs and writing for various publications. This talk contains nuggets of wisdom about how to promote a book or a business, one of the serious topics Barbara has spoken on over the years, and the subject of her second book, Five Fast Steps to Low-Cost Publicity. Creative Coping Skills is a 90-minute talk that features many elements from Tapping Your Innate Creativity, a popular workshop Barbara has presented to national and international conferences. This presentation combines creative solutions, innovative ideas, practical suggestions, and effective methods for handling the unexpected at home or at work. Many of Barbara’s ideas are based on stories of how ordinary people have learned to cope with everyday matters.

Web site: www.SimonTeakettle.com/speeches.htm

Fee: $600 per presentation. (Please note: Barbara presents in the Ottawa area only and requires accessible venues with parking close to the entrance).

Ron Wiens

Ron WiensRon Wiens is the founder of Totem Hill, an Ottawa-based company focused on helping leaders build high-performance cultures. He is a noted speaker on the topics of leadership, strategic planning and organizational change and is sought by CEOs and other senior executives as a leadership coach. Over the past 30 years he has been involved in organizational transformation in North America, the United Kingdom, Europe and South Africa with a success rate of more than 80 per cent. Ron also works with the managers of these organizations, personally taking them through a process of transformation that allows them to build the behaviors and competencies needed for leadership in times of rapid and ongoing change. Ron understands the personal and organizational barriers to change, and shows leaders how to take their organizations through these barriers. His most recent book "Building Organizations that Leap Tall Buildings in a Single Bound," is a leader's guide to building a corporate culture that provides competitive advantage.

Web site: www.totemhill.com

Fee: $12,000 + expenses.

Katherine Williams

Katherine WilliamsKatherine Williams of Ottawa is the author and publisher of Workplace Bullying: A survival guide, which has been featured on television and radio and in newspapers across Canada. During her 38 years in the workforce, she resisted and survived multiple attacks by bullies, each time growing more knowledgeable about the techniques bullies use, the conditions in which they thrive, and how to resist them. A former speechwriter and communications specialist, she took early retirement from the Public Service of Canada to focus her efforts on educating people about this phenomenon and giving them tools they can use immediately to protect their safety in the workplace. Her key message, that workplace bullying is a dangerous phenomenon that can destroy careers and businesses, has been presented to unions, employment equity organizations, conflict resolution professionals, health professionals and others. Williams' expertise helps individuals and business leaders recognize the signs of a bully at work and enables them to take appropriate measures to protect themselves.

Web site: www.nobullyatwork.com

Fee: $1,000 for a one-hour conference presentation + expenses. $150 per hour for one-, two- or three-hour seminars/workshops + expenses. Private consultations are available for free.

George Laidlaw

George LaidlawGeorge Laidlaw of Carp. Ont. is the author of 91 books. His specialty is helping Canadians discover the joy of history. George's presentations explain why historical events are the building blocks of who we are and the cement that binds the institute of Parliament, the rule of law and our way of living together. He has brought history to life during presentations to more than 180 schools and 300+ retirement homes and at meetings of historical and genealogy societies and speaker clubs. 'I wish I had him as my history teacher; then I would have liked it,' and `I've been in this retirement home for eight years and his talk was the best and most interesting I've ever heard,' are typical responses to his speeches. If you enjoy history, like learning about things that aren't in any history textbook and want to be entertained by a great story teller consider hiring George to talk to your group.

Web site: www.georgelaidlaw.ca

Fee: $95 - $250 + expenses.

Elaine Kenney

Elaine KenneyElaine Kenney is passionate about travel. A seasoned writer, her travel articles have appeared in numerous publications across Canada. Her lively ``armchair travel'' presentations include photos, travel anecdotes and off-the-beaten-path adventures. Audiences share in her discoveries as she delves into each destination's distinct cultural richness, history, cuisine and landscape. Destinations include Scotland, Ireland, Tunisia, the Azores Islands of Portugal, Argentina, London, Devon, Greece, Turkey, Prague, Budapest, Berlin and Krakow. Canadian destinations include Iles de la Madeleine, the Yukon and Saskatchewan. Elaine also offers an information-filled presentation on Travel Tips gleaned from her many travels abroad, along with photos. She lives in Ottawa.

Sample Armchair Travel Program: Ireland and its Canadian Connections: In this one-hour presentation, Elaine takes her audience to several counties within Ireland and talks about the many, little known, but fascinating connections to Canada. For example, a ship that was used to bring immigrants to Canada during the famine years was built in Quebec and all the stallions at the National Irish Stud are related to Canada's famous race horse, Northern Dancer. She brings several items from Ireland to the presentation.

Web site: www.communicationmatters.ca

Fee: $100 - $750 + expenses.

Nancy Griffin

Nancy GriffinNancy Griffin, CFP, EPC, of Toronto is an expert in wealth legacy planning for individuals and business owners. This special focus enables these individuals to examine and plan their financial and heartfelt goals and passions, while enriching their unique values and creating a special legacy they wish to enhance now, and when they're gone. As CEO and Founder of Passionate Legacy Inc., Nancy is also a very strong advocate for women's wealth and specialized guidance for their personal wealth at all stages, especially their caring legacy planning for now and the future.

Nancy's 30 to 50-minute keynotes and half-day workshops explore a range of topics including: Legacy Planning - Why do it?; Women - The New Powerful Philanthropists; The Gates/Buffett Trend for Sharing and Giving While You Live; How Best to Fund YOUR Passionate Gift and How To Ensure Maximum Effectiveness of YOUR Gift. She has presented to a variety of audiences including the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation, The Rotary Club of Mississauga, Women in Film, EPC (Elder Planning Counsellor) Conference, Female Lawyers @ Bennett Jones LLP, Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre, Canadian Red Cross - Strength and Spirit Campaign. Nancy is very proud to have received the Canada 125 Award in 1992 for outstanding community leadership in a federal riding (St. Paul's in Toronto).

Fee: $4,400.00 for keynotes; workshops TBD. (Topics can be combined for emphasis to an audience or cause).

Jim Chapman

Jim ChapmanJim Chapman of London, ON is a multi-talented Canadian who at 18 signed a recording contract with Columbia Records in New York and later crossed musical paths with Jimi Hendrix, Carlos Santana, Mick Jagger, Johnny Rivers and Gordon Lightfoot, and played alongside rockabilly superstar Ronnie Hawkins. He went on to develop a media career as a top-rated radio and television commentator and newspaper and magazine columnist, interviewing leading political and social figures from the U.S. and Canada. In 1999, a massive heart attack left him dead in a hospital ER. As doctors tried to revive him he had a Near Death Experience (NDE) that opened his eyes to a whole new way of looking at the world. The result was "Come Back to Life," a book recounting his journey through this life to the next and back again. Jim has shared his story with audiences across the U.S. and Canada and has been interviewed on major radio and television networks in North America and the UK. In August 2011 Jim retired from broadcasting but remains in the public eye as a keynote speaker who shares what how NDE taught him about living life to the fullest through his "25-Hour Day" strategy, which teaches people to get more out of living by cutting through the unnecessary distractions of everyday life and maintaining a positive outlook even in challenging times. Those who attend his uplifting and humorous presentations learn to focus more efficiently on what they really need to get done, connect more effectively with others, improve their ability to handle crisis and change, and put a positive spin on almost any negative situation.

Web site: www.jimchapman.ca

Fee: $2,000 + expenses.

Dr. Edmond J. Dixon

Dr. Edmond J. DixonDr. Edmond J. Dixon is a human development specialist with more than 30 years of experience as a teacher, administrator, writer, researcher and parent of boys. As the founder of the Keen Differentiated Learning Group, an organization dedicated to helping struggling learners, and the author of Helping Boys Learn, 6 Secrets for Success in School, he specializes in helping teachers, parents and school administrators understand how to help boys supercharge their learning. His workshops and keynote addresses explain why school-aged boys are diagnosed ADHD twice as much as girls, why they are three times more likely to be medicated and why the vast majority of boys are placed in special education classes, sent to the office for discipline, suspended or expelled and underachieve in literacy and on standardized tests. Based on research with more than 50,000 students in North America, Edmond advocates focusing on six areas that are proven to motivate boys to achieve their highest level of success and make positive contributions to society. He has spoken throughout North America on education and human development topics. He lives in Oshawa, Ontario.

Web site: www.helpingboyslearn.com

Fee: $500 + expenses for parent/community presentations; $2,500 + expenses for workshops; $5,000 + expenses for keynotes

Stephen Whiteley

Stephen WhiteleyStephen Whiteley of Ottawa is a former Canadian Forces fighter pilot and CF-18 fighter squadron commander who since retirement has authored the book Happiness Works! Get Yours Here! and specialized in making people happy wherever he goes. As a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner, keynote speaker and workshop leader, Stephen shows leaders, managers, employees and individuals how to transform from a state of stress and unhappiness to a life that is vastly more meaningful and fulfilling. His presentations help audiences dramatically increase their productivity, creativity, and initiative. With powerful messages that transform lives wherever he goes, Stephen, who was declared the "Inspirational Man of the Year for 2012" by Ashford Publishing in New York, will rock your world for the better.

Web site: www.happinessworks.ca

Fee: $1,500 + expenses

For more information or to book a speaker, please contact Randy by phone
at 613-425-3873 or by email at randyray@rogers.com

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